Most people that have been involved in volunteerism have probably come across having to work on a fundraising event that requires a silent auction , a live auction or both. This will give you tips to get the most out of your efforts and to help raise the most money for your group whether it is for your children’s ideas for silent auction school, a church, a local children’s hospital or a health related cause like breast cancer research. One example of a successful Brevard County fundraising benefit was having a whole wedding theme package that included donations from the local florist, Brevard County wedding desserts, rings from a jeweler and a reception site. This item went for quite a bit in a live auction to a couple that was thrilled to get such a great bargain while at the same time benefiting a wonderful charity.

Non-profit companies right now have taken quite a hard hit in the economy. People do not have the extra money that they once did to offer to charities. Some smaller non-profit groups, however, have raised the same or even more money this past year by thinking a bit more creatively.

One such group is a group that raises funds for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati called Kindervelt. They have different chapters all over the city but one of the smallest communities last year raised more than most of them. Terrace Park is a town of just 2,000 yet they were in the top three for bringing in funds to the group last year during tough economic times. They had a very successful event called Party on ice that was held a t a large ice arena and beautiful building. The committee decided to take a risk and do just 5 large items at a live auction rather than many smaller items in a silent auction as they had always done in the past years.

The same businesses had been hit up for donations over and over and the people attending the events were not excited about the items either. So, they made up large big ticket items like a ski trip to Colorado, a trip to Chicago, a private dinner by a local well known chef in your home and an extreme home makeover package. The five items went for more money that any of the silent auctions had ever gone for in the past. This group has also successfully created its own unique way to fund raise by having pre-paid parties.

Several couples decide on a fun themed party such as a Rollin’ Down the River canoe day and BBQ or a special box at a Reds game complete with time spend with the announcer in the media box. The people having the party pay for the entire party and charge people to sign up for it. All of the money that is charged goes directly to the charity. This has been a great way to raise money and to get to know your other neighbors in the community and a lot of fun too!